Senior Technical Artist @ NC2 Media (Seattle)

NC2 Media Seattle I can finally announce I've left 5TH Cell to spin up a satellite game studio for a media company called NC2 Media with some unbelievably talented friends and colleagues. We're 7 strong, still in greater Seattle, still making games, and I still can't discuss what I'm working on but I'm very excited about this opportunity.

At some point I'll be able to put together and release some of my work from 5TH Cell but for now I'm bound to secrecy.

Senior Technical Artist @ 5TH Cell

5TH Cell - Great people, great times. I now work at 5TH Cell in Bellevue, WA. We're currently working on some unannounced titles. I am the studio's only technical artist so I manage the majority of content-creation tools and pipeline. I support 25 artists and designers and work alongside a team of about 25 software engineers.

I will be actively working on new art for my portfolio and tools for release to the public! Stay tuned.

Leaving Technical Art @ EA

It's like they own me!

I've had a great time at EA Sports and met so many talented individuals, but I'm moving on to explore other opportunities. Thanks to all for the great times working on Madden and NCAA.

A list of my accomplishments while with EA:
  • Extended several art creation toolsets for new features of Madden NFL and NCAA Football, streamlining the artist workflow (Python, MEL, C#, Windows Command Line, Perforce)
  • Create/expand art library sampling tools to make unique character creation more efficient (Python, MEL, C#)
  • Shader development to extend preview options and art creation functionality in artist toolsets (CgFX)
  • Large scale asset management integration with scripts (Python, MEL, C#, Windows Command Line, Perforce, Proprietary Asset Management System)
  • General artist support, debugging tools/workflows and runtime, critical paths testing (Xbox 360 and PS3)
  • Tuning of automated build systems, parsing large volumes of data for key information on bugs, build errors (Python, Build Forge)
  • Worked with a centralized team of over 80 individuals, handling game assets and art creation tools for several titles